Malwarebytes Review🔥(Free vs Premium)

MalwarebytesMalwarebytes is a simple yet powerful anti-malware program. It is a robust protection tool against all kinds of malware. It competes with the normal antivirus programs and claims to be better in performance. However, we are going to review this product in this article so that you can decide for yourself.

With the rapid increase in malware attacks, it is quite important to have good malware protection installed on the computer. The same goes for other devices like Android and iOS. Mac systems were considered safe as compared to Windows PC but not they are also getting infected quite easily.

If you are also looking for powerful anti-malware protection for your computer or Mac then this guide is going to help you a lot. I would encourage you to check our reviews of SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware from Windows. it is quite a popular and powerful security program. SpyHunter for Mac is also a good alternative to Malwarebytes anti-malware from Mac devices.

What is Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is basically an anti-malware solution that detects and remove all things harmful like Potentially Unwanted Programs, Trojans, Malware, Ransomware, Browser Hijackers, Adware, etc.

In the early days, it was used in addition to Antivirus software to provide the best possible security. Now it is being promoted as a full-blown ANtivirus application itself with anti-malware capabilities.

It also claims to be smarter than traditional antivirus programs. It offers lots of important features but still lacks some features that most of the best antiviruses of 2022 offer.

We’ll talk all about this robust security suite in this guide.

It supports all kinds of devices like Windows, mac, Android, Chromebook, and iOS which makes it an ultimate champion. However, one plan does not cover all the devices for users. You have to buy this Anti-Malware for each and every device separately.

Is Malwarebytes Free?

It is a premium Anti-Malware solution that offers a free version with limited functions and a free premium trial for a limited time period (14 days).

So yes, technically Malwarebytes has a Free version that only scans and remove viruses from an already infected computer. The rest of the features are only offered with the premium version.

Malwarebytes Premium Features

Malwarebytes Premium is an ultimate security program for your PC or computer or any other device. It is smart, fast, intuitive, and very efficient. It removes malware, protects your privacy online, blocks threats, and protects you from malicious or phishing websites. Above all of these exciting features, it has its own VPN and browser guard protection which is sold individually.

Malwarebytes Free vs Premium

As mentioned above, the premium version packs a powerful punch that can eliminate malware from your system easily and also protect your device from future threats.

However, the free version is only concluded to the on-demand scanning and removal of threats on any infected PC.

Although you will surely appreciate the 14 days trial of the premium features in the free version to test all the benefits you will get once you upgrade.

Can it remove Ransomware?

Yes, it can remove Ransomware and all sorts of threats from your computer. However, it can decrypt your files or restore them to the original version. It is simply not possible for any Antivirus programs.

Ransomware infections encryption to make your data inaccessible. It works like a lock that can only be opened by a specific key (decryption software and private key) for which hackers demand huge ransom money.

But if you are only looking to remove the Ransomware from your system then MalwareBytes can do the job quite efficiently.

Should I buy the Premium version?

Malwarebytes is no doubt a great anti-malware protection for your computer. It is a trusted brand and has helped lots of people. Many security experts suggest this software to remove stubborn threats and viruses from infected computers. However, purchasing any product or not should be your decision completely. No one should tell you to buy anything because it’s your money.

I sincerely advise you to download the free version because you option here to take the free premium trial of the software. Once you are satisfied that it has all the features you need then you can make the decision yourself.

Where Can I download it?

I suggest you always download software from the company website or trusted sources. Do not download any kind of software (not only this one) from any shady or unknown site. Many untrustworthy sites often attach their malicious codes or unsafe installers with legitimate programs. You can click on the below link to visit the official website or Malwarebytes and download it from there.

Visit Malwarebytes Now

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