Afraid of Cyberbullying? 11 Ways To Stop Cyberbullying

Are you afraid of Cyberbullying? This is the new age and the rise of Internet has produced a unique opportunity to connect with others. It’s in human nature to connect but bullying and harassing is unfortunately also comes along. Use of social media have filled the much void of communication but it also gave birth to cyberbullying. Its not so much different than that of normal bullying in school or your society but here anonymity makes cyberbullies much worse.


Cyberbullying first started in 1990s when internet came along with the gift connectivity. At first people started to communicate and then gradually bully others as usual. In real world bullying is not only limited to school kids, but also include teens, adults and even working people. Same trend follows in cyberbullying but only much more harassing.

If you are afraid of cyberbullying or being bullied online whether by your friends or anonymous people we are here to help you. In this post we will talk about types of cyberbullying, how to identify them and finally stop them. So read this guide carefully if you want to make a positive change in your life.

What is Cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying term is coined for the acts harassing any individual online. This is often done anonymously via ugly comments, messages, or sharing private information over the internet. Cyberbullying is a kind of harassment happens in virtual space, but it can brutally demoralize the targeted person and make their life a living hell.

How Is Cyberbullying Different from Bullying?

Well its more or less same as normal bullying but anonymity is the biggest factor here. You will have no idea who is the person bullying you online, may it be your best with whom you share all your secrets. People closest to you, which you have never suspected or your rivals, your school friends, colleagues, people who are jealous of you, any one of them can do it. Even people who don’t even know you, can start teasing you and this can turn harsh & ugly very fast. Most of the cyberbullying cases occurs on social media.

Are There Laws Against Cyberbullying?

As of now, there are not much laws about cyberbullying and its not considered as a criminal act until it has made any significant damage to someone. However, many countries have created some disciplinary laws to prevent and could leads to major punishment if a person found guilty of cyberbullying. In educational institution, bullies can get suspended or expelled if proven guilty. Same in other institution or work places, people can lose their jobs. Once can also file a criminal and harassment case if they have proof against their cyberbullies.

11 Ways To Prevent Cyberbullying

1. Confront Them

If your being bullied by someone you know from school, college, society or office then you can confront them. You can ask them directly to stop. Even you don’t know them, writing a clear message to stop contacting your or bullying you might work. Warn them to report to authorities with evidence is also a good idea.

2. Don’t Respond to Bullies

Bullies thrive on fear and keeping quite of the victims. If you are being cyberbullying, then you should not give them any response, ignore them at your best and don’t respond to threats. If you ignore their threats or negative comments then they might eventually stop wasting their time on you.

3. Don’t Share Personal Information Online

Cyberbullying is only possible if the other person has some of your personal information. If you take the leverage out of their hands then you are in clear. You need to protect your privacy and do not share any critical information online through which others can blackmail or harass you.

4. Keep photos private

People often like share their private photos online which can turn bad very fast. Bullies can alter those photos with software like Photoshop and use against you. So before you publish any pictures online, see if they could turn into something compromising or not. You should also keep media files privates and use feature like Prohibit downloading or upload low quality images.

5. Passwords MUST be confidential

You must NEVER share your social media account passwords confidential. Do not share them with your closest friends. Most of the cases of cyberbullying start from friends or in some cases ex-friends. A little bitterness is relationship could lead to jealousy and if they leak your passwords then any number of people can abuse that information.

6. Keep proof of contact with the bully

If things get too harsh then you may have report to authorities. So you will need proof for that and in that case you should collect evidence to support your claims. If possible then try to collect physical evidence against your bully or gather other information like their name or address. Take screenshots of the comments of harsh message they put on your profile, so if they remove it later, you will have proof.

7. Block the bully

If things get too far, you can also try to block the bully. Remove them from your contact list, groups or block them. Report them online to social media company and ask them to block all the comments and post from them on your profile. If they cannot reach you or access your profile then they can’t bother or abuse you.

8. Talk

If you are being bullied by someone online, then first step you need to take is to talk to someone you trust. Ask for their opinion and help to handle the situation. If you can’t talk to your friends and family. If you are a parent and you suspect that your child is being cyberbullied then be patient, talk to your child, encourage them to speak freely. You can seek help of any psychologist. They can help your child to open and share their feelings without any fear or hesitation.

9. Use celebrity card

In modern world, children listen to their role models like their favourite singers, actors, dancers or celebrity. Cyberbullying or simple bullying has been there for ages and celebrities have also faced similar situation. Many of them like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and others also talked it out loud in the open. Many celebrity also support victims of cyberbullying through social media. You can give your child their examples to make them feel better and open up.

10. Monitor online activity

Cyberbullying is a trending issue among children, teenagers and youth. If you are a parent then you must monitor online activities of your kids. At the time, your children might resist it, but you need to educate them about problems regarding online safety. If taking their computer or phone away is not possible then you can download monitoring apps to remotely keep an eye on their online activities.

11. Don’t be a cyberbully

All good changes start from one person. If you don’t like being bullied then you also must not bully others. If you are being mean to others, it may give you some pleasure for some time, but it can do permanent damage to the person on receiving end.

Report Cyberbullying on Social Media to stop abuse

  1. Stopbullying.gov
  2. Report on Instagram
  3. Report on Twitter
  4. Report on Facebook
  5. Report on Snapchat
  6. Report on TikTok
  7. Report on WeChat
  8. Report on WhatsApp
  9. Report on YouTube
  10. Report on Tumblr

Conclusion :

If you will not share your problems with other then you will never get any solution. To bring change into life of others, you must start from yourself. If you suspect any case of cyberbullying then you must extend your help and support. If you like this post then share it with friends to educate them too about this problem. If you have any suggestion then please share with us in comment section.

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