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Is Scam or Legit? is an scam online store that is quite similar to the another scam e-commerce site It seems like creators of this site used the source code of and hastily produced a new site to cheat innocent users.

We will tell you all about this fake e-commerce store in this guide. So let’s get started without any dilly-dally.

What is

It appears to be an online store that deals in Women’s clothing. On the front page of this site, you can see three product categories and a timer running all the time telling customers to place the order to get huge discounts.

At the top of the page there is a notification bar telling users that an additional offer for free delivery over $27 purchase is running only for 24 hours. These are the tricks to cheat users into placing orders without checking this site thoroughly.

Is Scam or Legit?

But don’t worry, we have analysed this e-commerce store and found out all the red flags. First of all this site looked quite similar to the which is another fake online store. We also found the customer support email address of the is mentioned as at the bottom of the site.

So we went on to check the About us page, we found that site is related to another scam website As the name sounds like a website for bikes or bicycles but when we opened this site, we found that its design is completely similar to the but it is selling men’s clothing. So, this clearly means this fake website is a part of a larger online scam. Site Analysis

Name ShareADeals
Type E-commerce website
Web address
Products Women’s wear, Coats, Dresses, etc.
Email and
Address Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany
Shipping cost $9.88 – $16.88
Free Shipping on Orders Over $50
Payment Options Visa, Master card, Discover
Contact No. 064110000
Website Registration 10/03/2023
Website Expiry 10/03/2024

What we found about

Once I started investigating this site, I was completely struck by the fact that people are being cheated by such sites for a long time. The parent company mentioned on this is Bin Estrella GmbH, which is registered in Germany.

This company has been accused of Non delivery of Goods on, a famous and trusted business dispute register website.

We also found several negative reviews of the Bin Estrella on Scampulse and Trustpilot, which you can read for yourself by licking on the links.

Let’s move further, the site was registered on the 10th of March 2023 and going to expire on 10th of March 2024. It is a part of a quick get away scam and when more users know about this scam website, they will just delete this site.

All the content, design, product images, etc. will then be used on some other similar site to cheat more users. As I have already told, this site is quite similar in design with,, and who knows how many other scam website. You can check for yourself y clicking on the link.

The hourly timer, free shipping offer, huge discounts, all of these are just for luring innocent users and cheating their money. Once you will place your order, you will never receive the shipment. You will get no response from the customer support email and the tracking code of your shipment will a fake so you will not be able to do anything.

This website is registered in china and the company is registered in Germany. The same company name is associated with lots of other fake websites and previous scams.

Is scam or legit?

After reading all these details about online, I think you can easily determine that is legit or scam. Well, if you still have any doubts then let me be perfectly clear, yes, is a scam website. It has no social media presence and its trust score on Scamadviser is 1 out of 100. I gave you all the facts and now if you still want to shop with this website then decision is yours.

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