Panasonic Canada hit by Conti ransomware

Japanese multinational electronics company Panasonic became a target of Cybercriminals yet again. It was not so long ago (actually in November 2021) that the company illegal access to its network by a third-party group. Before that, the Panasonic’s India division was attacked by a Ransomware group in 2020.

Panasonic Canada falls victim to Conti cyber attack

Panasonic Canada falls victim to Conti cyber attack

This time, Panasonic Canada got hit by the Conti ransomware group in February. According to the latest report, it was a Raas (ransomware-as-a-service) attack that managed to steal over 2.8 gigabytes of data. Ransomware has started leaking the company data following the attack which led this news to be public.

It is only the third time this multinational conglomerate falls victim to a cyberattack in the past 18 months. This clearly proves that Ransomware attackers are getting bolder and they think of global companies as a soft targets.

Airi Minobe, an official spokesperson at Panasonic’s corporate headquarters in Japan confirmed the attack and told TechCrunch (an Information Security Media company) that “We took immediate action to address the issue with assistance from cybersecurity experts and our service providers. This included identifying the scope of impact, containing the malware, cleaning and restoring servers, rebuilding applications, and communicating rapidly with affected customers and relevant authorities,”

He also said “Since confirming this attack, we have worked diligently to restore operations and understand the impact on customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Our top priority is continuing to work closely with affected parties to fully mitigate any impacts from this incident.”

Panasonic has not yet disclosed anything about the amount or type of data stolen by hackers. However, it assured that only the Canadian unit got hit by the Conti Ransomware. The company has not said anything about the Ransom demand or any negotiations with Cybercriminals.


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