Combo Cleaner Antivirus Mac Full Review (2021 Update)

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ComboCleaner Mac Antivirus allows you to scan your mac for threats and viruses for free, but you will need to purchase full license to remove found threats. Read EULA.


🔒 Keeps your Mac secure 💾 Recovers Disk Space 🛡️ Protects your Privacy 👨🏼‍💻 Dedicated Support Team
Professional Mac Antivirus with latest malware database help protect your Mac from all kind of Threats & Viruses. Big and duplicate file finder & Disk cleaner feature help keep your Mac clutter free and save lots of space. Privacy Scanner shield you browsing data and keep your personal information from getting in wrong hands. Best support staff, always ready to help users 24×7 and answer all of your questions related to Combo Cleaner.

What is Combo Cleaner?

Combo Cleaner is an important and powerful Mac application which not only protect your computer from viruses but also keep it fast as new. It is a great optimization tool with awesome feature that every mac user needs.

Clutter-free, blazing fast and virus free Mac is the wish of every user who invest a big amount in buying this sterling piece of hardware. But only buying the best product in the market does not guarantee the best performance. You have to maintain your Mac speed but optimizing it for the best performance.

Lots of duplicate files, application leftovers, old and big files, browser cache etc. can consume large space on hard drive. This will make your Mac slow and prevent it from performing at its peak.

Cybercriminals now started targeting Mac computers which has raised the security issues. Lately lots of new malware attack have been marked focusing Mac system. Combo Cleaner is a powerful security software which has extensive malware database and it can block all kind of threats easily. It can scan your Mac and detect threats like Adware, Malware, Virus etc. and it can also remove junk files, duplicate & big files and protect privacy.

Combo Cleaner is created by RCS LT which is a Lithuania based company. It is equipped with all the important and powerful features like Antivirus, Disk Cleanup, Big and Duplicate files finder, App uninstaller, and privacy scanner. All these features in one software is definitely a good catch for users. It is undoubtedly the best security program for your Mac which also ensure the privacy and optimum system performance.

Is Combo Cleaner Safe?

Yes, it is a completely safe program for your Mac. It is equipped with a powerful scan engine that aggressively detect and remove any harmful threat from your system. With its extensive malware database, which is update hourly, it can block all latest threats and malware attack on your Mac.

Combo Cleaner Antivirus also has the a vast PC threats database. So if you are sharing files from your Mac to any other PC, you will not be transferring malware. Some common threats like Adware, Browser Hijacker, Redirect Virus or Scam Pop-ups often target Mac through browsers. This powerful Mac security software can block all those threats and successfully remove them from your system. It protects your privacy online and also block threats in real-time while browsing Internet. Combo Cleaner also provide 24×7 support to its customer through a dedicated malware research team.

Features of Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus

Professional Mac Antivirus

Combo Cleaner is an advanced Mac Antivirus which is equipped with a powerful and efficient Malware Scanner which can find all type of threats. Once installed on your Mac, it run a thorough scan of your computer and delete all hidden threats automatically. It can also block unwanted pop-ups, remove adware, browser hijacker, spyware, malware, worms etc. Combo Cleaner also has an extensive PC threats database which help it to prevent malicious files to other PC. This amazing software also keep updating its malware database to keep your Mac safe from any kind of infection.

Disk Cleaner

Disk Cleaner is a powerful feature of Combo Cleaner which is commonly the most essential program for any Mac. It cleans all the junk files, logs, application cache, browsing data, temporary files and other useless data. This feature can save lots of space on your computer and keep your Mac running smooth and fast as new. It can smartly scan your system and external hard drive for useless files in just one click.

Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate files or identical files are often created on computer which take lots of space and can slow down your Mac. It is a powerful feature which can scan your system and locate all duplicate videos, audio, images, documents, and more. Removing duplicate files can boost your Mac speed and has other benefits like keeping mac new, reducing disk space, minimizing file search and media backup time.

Privacy Scanner

Privacy is a major concern these days because lots of ads tends to forcibly redirect browser on suspicious sites. The Privacy Scanner feature of Combo Cleaner can keep your browsing data personal. It can easily delete all your browsing history, cookies, etc. so malicious sites cannot collect your private data. When you visit any site, it create cookies and they collect all the information regarding your online activities These details can seriously compromise your privacy if they get in wrong hands.

Big Files Finder

Mac is known for its speed but it is also known for shorter hard drive. All the files clutter and then start making your system slow. So Big Files Finder can be a powerful tool which can help your find big files and then you can decide to keep them or remove them. Many people download files from Internet and then forget to remove them after use. It is better to delete files that you don’t need or rarely use rather than struggling with a slow computer. Big and Old Files Finder uses an extremely fast scan engine to check the local and external hard drives. This saves you lots of time from finding big files manually and removing them one by one to clear disk space.

App Uninstaller

Sometime any application would prove stubborn and won’t uninstall. When you face such problem, you will realize that removing such programs and their redundant files is a hectic task. Most people often get frustrated when they cannot uninstall a program simply by removing it to trash. The App Uninstaller feature of Combo Cleaner enables you to find and uninstall any stubborn application installed on your Mac.

External hard drive scanner

It is also a very important feature of Combo cleaner which is quite helpful. This feature does not worth mentioning because, it scan external discs for Duplicate Files, Big files and malware. This program is a powerful Mac optimization tool which offers various different features for price of once. It keeps your Mac faster, clutter free and virus free.

How Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus Works

  • First download the software by clicking on below button.

ComboCleaner Mac Antivirus allows you to scan your mac for threats and viruses for free, but you will need to purchase full license to remove found threats. Read EULA.

  • Drag installer file to the Applications folder for installation.

install combocleaner

  • Launch the Program, open Antivirus tab then select Scan Mode and click on Start Scan button.

Scan for ProductiveRotator

  • Software will run the scan to find all hidden threats, then click on Remove All Threats button.

Remove virus from Mac

Note : Here you can see all the other options like Disk Cleaner, Big Files, Duplicates, Privacy Scanner, Uninstaller on the left side bar. You can click on any on the option to use that feature. It is very easy to software and you don’t need any technical expertise to optimize your Mac for best performance.

My Personal Experience With Combo Cleaner

I have been using this product for a while now. Earlier I though Mac does not need an antivirus program but then I encountered some threats. Then after some research, I planned to purchase Combo Cleaner for my Mac and since then I am loving it. This advanced antivirus tool has helped me to remove some nasty threats from my Mac and also kept it healthy and fast. I totally trust this app and thus I decided to share my honest review of this application. There are some things that I want company to include in this application like on demand malware scanning, malicious site protection and scan scheduler. But it is a good catch for the price and its totally worth buying.

Combo Cleaner – pros and cons

Pros – Features We get

    • It can detect and remove all Mac threats easily.
    • Hourly update of malware definition database.
    • Remove junk files, duplicates and Trash files to recovers disk space.
    • Most needed optimization features to speed up your Mac.
    • User-friendly GUI and very easy to use software.
    • In built privacy scanner to keep protect your online activities.

Cons – Features that are missing

  • On demand malware scan and scheduling options can be added.
  • Phishing and malicious site protection is missing. (Although you can turn it on in your browser – see how)


Combo Cleaner is an antivirus and optimization tool in one app. It is compact, fast, reliable and useful. You get 6 important features in price of one. Although need of every user is different and there is always a chance of better service, I still believe that Combo Cleaner is a good buy. If you are investing a hefty amount in purchasing the latest and top of the line Mac then sparing a few extra bucks to keep that machine at its best is not a poor choice. Mac malware has also been an alarming issue recently, so buying a good antivirus security for your computer can protect you from lots of trouble down the line.

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